16 Nov 2011

Fifi and the flowertots?

Parents, we are learning with Fifi and the flowertots. Do you want to meet her?
Sing its song (by Alan Coates and Kim Goody). The catchy theme song lyrics follow:
Fifi… and the flowertots
Fifi… Forget-me-not
Fifi… It’s a lovely day
Fifi… Who we love a lot
Fifi… Little garden tot
Fifi… All your friends are here today
She sews… (she sews) she grows… (she grows) and everybody knows
It’s Fifi… Fifi’s world.

Sit down with your children and watch this Fifi's video, it is called "Snowy day".
Have fun. Bye!
María (Ausiàs March School)

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