23 Dec 2011

Gumdrop Trees Centerpiece

Hello children,
have fun making this sweet and cute centerpiece! Because they’re a perfect festive craft for the Holidays.:
Gumdrop Tree CraftYou just need a few candy gumdrops, toothpicks, and a styrofoam cone or ball. But try not to eat too many candies as you craft, save some for the tree!
Supplies for Gumdrop Trees:
  • styrofoam cone or ball
  • gumdrop candies, 2-3 bags
  • toothpicks
Gumdrop Craft Colors
First, you’ll want to separate your gumdrops into their own colors. Unless you buy a package that comes in a solid color, or Christmas colors, you’ll have to pick each one out. You can see we used mostly Christmas colors to craft with and are eating the purple and orange ones as we go.
Gumdrop Tree Toothpicks
For the toothpicks, you don’t need the whole piece. You can easily break them in half with your fingers. Then place the broken end into the gumdrop.
Gumdrop Candy Ball
Pick out your colors and get the toothpicks on. 
Ms María

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