30 Apr 2012

Breakfast Poem!

Good morning,
we are on holidays, four free days and I invite to read this poem with me! 
Orange juice, an egg or two.
Apples, toast and jam.
Make me breakfast, give me lunch.
I'm your biggest fan!
Is it an English traditional breakfast? 
How is your breakfast?
Karen says: Cereals and milk.
Roger says: Milk with Cola Cao and cookies.
Rosa says: Cereals and juice.
Yann says: Toasts and milk.
Nefeli says: Fruit and milk.
María (Ausiàs March School).

27 Apr 2012

Lolympic Games!

Hello children,
today is a very special day because we are celebrating our first
Students helping to more students, playing, running and having fun! I love this festival. What do you thing about it?
Please, play here to watch this event.
See you,
Ms. María  


Hello 1st,
What do you know about BEES? Today, we are going to learn about this subject.
Do you like honey? It is sweet! It is yellow or orange. It is very healthy!
Now, let's sing together this nice song: Sugar, Sugar!
Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee happy!

26 Apr 2012

Taste and Guess

Hello HITS,
Prepare your tongue, your sense of taste and your imagination because today in class... there is...  FOOD QUIZ SHOWPlease, play here to check your level. Lola is doing it too :)
Ms. María  

25 Apr 2012

Monkey Hokey Pokey!

Hello children,
Let's dance the hokey Pokey. Use your arms and do the Monkey Hokey Pokey!:
Put your tail in,
put your tail out,
put your tail in
and shake it all about.
Do the Hokey Pokey
and tirun yourself around.
That's what it's all about.

Now, use your feet, legs, ears, nose and neck!

24 Apr 2012

We play the piano!

Hello children,
let's watch a new program from Lola Channel! It is: Lola Music TV!
Yes, the piano! Play here and have fun.
María (Ausiàs March School).

20 Apr 2012

Ladybird Comics!

Hello 2nd!
Let's read our Comics:

 by Ainhoa
 by Alba
 by Arlet
 by Carlos
 by Caterina
 by Denis
 by Ervin
 by Estela
 by Fernando
 by Georgina
 by Javi
 by Joao
 by Júlia
 by Lein
 by Loren
 by Marc
 by María
 by Marouane
by Noé
 by Qiyao
by Víctor
Great job!
María (Ausiàs March School).

Ladybug Comics!

Hello 1st!
Let's read our Comics:
 by Alejandro
 by Ángel
 by Daniella
 by Hamza
 by Joaquim
 by Karen
 by Nayla
 by Noah
 by Noemí
 by Weng Yi
Hahahaha, Excellent!
María (Ausiàs March School).

Counting Ants!

Hello 1st,

Let's count together:
One, two, three, four, I see ants on the floor.
Hurry up and shut the door because we don't want anymore.
Five, six, seven, eight, Climbing up the garden gate.
There will be more if we wait.
Nine, ten, and eleven,
Oh no, four fell off and now there are seven.

María (Ausiàs March School).

18 Apr 2012

Hello children,
Let's know some new animals:












Which is your favourite? Do you know where they live?
María (Ausiàs March School)