31 May 2012


Hello 2nd,
let's identify some shapes:

  • circle 
  • square 
  • rectangle 
  • trapezoid 
  • octagon 
  • triangle 

Now please, print this worksheet and trace the circle, square, rectangle, trapezoid, octagon, and triangle.
Have fun!
Ms María

Polly's Holiday!

Hello 1st,
let's watch a new Peppa Pig chapter: Polly's Holiday!
Have fun!

30 May 2012

Dot to dot

Look this pictures, they are different fruits: 
Identify them!
Ms María.

Life of Lola and Lion

Once upon a time (Lola) was eating an (ice-cream) and she won a ticket to visit a zoo.
She saw another parrot similar to her, called Lion. She was  (sad) because they were similar but one polly was free and the other one wasn't free.

Lion had (golden eggs), he was very rich. Lola helped him to escape. (They) went to the jungle. Their house was a (pirate ship).
Lola and Lion were parents: Rex, Nefeli, baby Lola and Sarah.

All togheter travelled around the (world) with their (pirate ship).
Baby Lola is now living with our María.
By 1st grade.

Our Storytelling!

Hello 2nd,
It is our special storytelling. A crazy story writing by us for all the world. It is very imaginative! Very well done!

Once upon a time, an called Duck was colouring a when a was writing a . It was hot, hot, but suddenly it started to , a !!! And then, Duck was a , the was and the  was a .
The End
Great job! Hahaha,
María (Ausiàs March School)

29 May 2012

Left, middle and right

Hello 1st,
It is a picture of three cats:
These cats are Orange cat on the left, Black cat in the middle and Brown cat on the right. So, LEFT - MIDDLE - RIGHT.
Let's practice it:

  • Point to the guitar on the left:
  • Point to the ball on the right: 
  • Point to the number in the middle: 
María (Ausiàs March School).

25 May 2012

Little Red Riding Hood

Hello 2nd,
We are going to have fun with a nice story. Where a wolf can smell with a big nose, taste with a big mouth, listen with big ears and look with big eyes!
Open your eyes, close your mouth, prepare your ears and play here!
Please, print this worksheet and help make a healthy food basket for her Grandma.
It is a classic story you have to know. 
María (Ausiàs March School).

Cones or Lollies?

Hello 1st,
Hot weather is here. These days are similar to summer days. We are in spring but we can start to eat ice-crem. What do you prefer: Cones or Lollies? Do you know the different:
It is an ice-cream cone:
It is an ice-cream lolly:
They both are delicious!
Please, print this worksheet to complete a special Shopping List.
Have fun!
María (Ausiàs March School).

24 May 2012

Super Fruits and Vegetables!

Hello 1st,
Our new poem:
Super Food!
Hello Super Milk,
You have Calcium for us!
Hello Supper Apple,
You have Fiber for us!
 Hello Super Banana,
You have Potasium for us!
Hello Super Papaya,
You have A+C Vitamins for us!
Hello Super Pineapple,
You have C vitamin for us!
Hello Super Watermelon,
You have Fiber for us!
 Hello Super Strawberry,
You have C Vitamin for us!
 Hello Super Cherry,
You have C vitamin for us!
Hello Super Carrot,
You have C+B vitamins for us!

Hello Super Grapes,
You have C vitamin for us!

Hello Super Lemon,
You have C vitamin for us!

Hello Super Coconut
You have A vitamin for us!

Hello Super Orange,
You have A+C vitamins for us!

Hello Super Raspberry,
You have A vitamin for us!

Hello Super Melon,
You have Sugar for us!

Hello Super Mango,
You have Sugar for us!

Hello Super Kiwi,
You have Fiber for us!

Hello Super Pear,
You have C vitamin for us!

Hello Super Lime,
You have B vitamin for us!
Ms María.