21 Sep 2012

I spy with my little eye!

Hi children!
Autumn starts today and here is some vocabulary you will need to play "I spy with my little eye" this autumn:



 Harvest Moon




Good luck!
Ms María.

13 Sep 2012

Early in the Morning Poem

Hello, hello!
Today we go to the school in the morning and here you have a poem to get ready for school:
Brush ,Brush , Brush your Teeth,
Early in the Morning,
Take ,Take ,Take your bath,
Early in the Morning,
Comb, Comb,Comb your hair,
Early in the Morning,
Drink, Drink ,Drink your Milk,
Early in the Morning.
Take, take, take your books,
Early in the Morning.
Go,Go,Go to School,
Early in the Morning.
Could you print this worksheet and complete it too? Trace and circle the right picture.
Send me your poems!
By María.

12 Sep 2012

Happy New School Year!

Hello again, 
we are coming back to school and to remember our English let's work some vocabulary with this "spin and spell":
Happy New School Year 2012-2013!

4 Sep 2012

Fruit Market

Welcome to the Fruit Market!
Let's play a guessing game:
Medium + Orange. What's this?
Small + Red. What's that?
Big + Brown + Green. What's this?
Small + Purple. What's that?
Big + Green + Red. What's this?
Medium + Yellow. What's that?
Now, it's your time!