29 Jan 2013

I'm hungry!!!

I am very very hungry. I want:
Green apples Limes
 Red PomelosLemons
Yellow pomelos
MandarinesRed apples 
Yeah!!!!! Excellent!!! Look my mix:
What has it got? It has got _______________________________________________.

10 Jan 2013

Monster Snack Attack!

Hi, hi!
Read these words:
Eleven - Potato - Doll
  • Ball - ........
  • Seven - .............
  • Tomato - ...........

8 Jan 2013

Apple Round, Apple Red

Good morning,
Let's sing this karaoke song:
Apple round, Apple red
Apple juicy, Apple sweet
Apple apple I love you!
Apple sweet I love to eat.
Now, make your apple tree. Materials: 2 pieces of  paper, a brown marker, green paint, glue, scissors and red pom poms.
1. Draw a truck and the top of the tree. Cut. 
2. Colour.
3. Cut.
4. Glue.
Look our apple pom pom tree!:
Now, you!
Ms María.

4 Jan 2013

How Big Is a Pig?

How Big Is a Pig? by Claire Beaton 
It has fast become a favorite in our class around reading time. I love the felt illustrations, the detail amazes me and helps distract me from noticing that I have read it 20 times in as many minutes. The story itself is great too, it focuses on opposites in the farm yard with a zippy rhyming text.
Read it!
Ms. María

2 Jan 2013

Meg, Mog and Owl breakfast!

Good morning,
Let's prepare an English breakfast! Use: 2 sausages, 2 bacon, 2 hash browns, egg, beans, tomatoes and mushroom. Enjoy!!:
Bufff, It is a lot of food. Bufff. Do you prefer cereals? Sugar free, ok?
Meg and Mog are preparing a breakfast. They need:
 3 eggs bread
 cocoa jam
 milk kipper 
They like it!
It is true, they like it! Watch this video to check it:
Now, can you create a special breakfast for Meg and Mog? Print this worksheet to complete it. 
Don't forget to send me it!
Have fun!
Ms. María