28 Feb 2013

Eric Carle's Dragons Dragons book!

Dragons dragons is a book. A wonderful book! An amazing way to share mythical creatures with children of all ages, using Eric Carle's inimitable illustrations coupled with poetry. Let´s work on it!

Ms. María

27 Feb 2013

Make ice-cream in a bag!

Hello kids of 1st grade!
Milk is a very important ingredient. Using milk, we can make:
Let's make our own ice-cream!. Ingredients:
  • 300ml cream
  • 2 tbsp castor sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • ice cubes
  • 6 tbsp rock salt
  • 1 medium sized ziploc bag
  • 1 large sized ziploc bag
  • 1 tea towel
Steps (This craft was created by Emma Rowe):
Step 1: Into the medium sized ziploc bag: Mix the cream, sugar and vanilla.
Step 2: Place the ice and the salt into the larger ziploc bag.   
Step 3: Place the medium bag.
Step 4: Massage the bag for five to ten minutes or until the mixture becomes the consistency of ice cream
Step 5: Wrap the bag in a tea towel.
Step 6: You now have your own homemade ice cream.
Step 7: Snip a hole in a corner of the bag and squeeze!
Ms María.

26 Feb 2013

Farm time!

What is the favourite place of a pig? What is the favourite place of a cat?
Is it number 6 the favourite place of a horse?

Ms María.

24 Feb 2013


Good morning!
Arachnophobia is important. There are a lot of people who is affraid of spiders. Take a look:
Today, we are going to investigate about it during our project class (1st level): DO YOU HAVE ARACHNOPHOBIA?
Tally the results here, soprint this file.
Ms María.

22 Feb 2013

Spider food!

What do a spider like to eat? Prepare your pencils and let's investigate!:
Print this worksheet and this food:
What do you like to eat? Lola likes to eat cheese!
Ms María.

20 Feb 2013

Rooms in a House

These are the most important rooms in a house:
What is your favourite room? My favourite room is ..................
Please print and complete these 2 worksheets!

Ms María.

Carle's Farm!

Hello farmers,
Welcome to Eric Carle's farm! What animals can you see? I can see a ...........
Ms María.

18 Feb 2013

Free Apps!

Good afternoon,
I just found 6 new apps that I wanted to share! 
1. This is a collection of interactive story apps from the Collins Big Cat collection. There are 8 free stories to download!  
 2. ABC Letter Tracing -- Have students who are still having trouble forming their letters correctly? This is great practice for them!

3.  Cimo Spelling Sight (Lite) -- Adorable penguin game where students have to spell high frequency and Dolch sight words. Choose a level from K-3.

4. Geoboard -- No more snapping elastics flying across the room! Create 2D shapes and geometric pictures with this app.

5. Gingerbread Dress Up -- A cute Christmas app for decorating a gingerbread cookie.

6. Lastly, this is more a personal app favourite, but it does have some kid-friendly playlists! Songza is an amazing music player app. It has playlists of music for every mood/genre/artist/decade you can think of! The music is free to listen to... the only thing is you get a limited number of "skips" per hour, but that's more than you get with the radio! I listen to it all the time.

Hope you found this post useful! Go technology! :)
Ms María.

15 Feb 2013

Photos and Collages

Do you like decorate photos? I like it! Look this one:
Create your collage: Click here!
Send me them, please.
Ms María.

13 Feb 2013


These things are yellow, Isn't it?
Colour them!
Ms María.