28 Mar 2013

22 Mar 2013

Easter Match!

Look these rabbits! They have Easter eggs:
Draw a line to match.
Happy Easter!
Ms María.

21 Mar 2013


Identify and count all the shapes in this castle:
Ms María.

20 Mar 2013

Farm animals

Match the animals and the words: a horse, a sheep, a scarecrow, a hen, a chick, a duck, a dog, a cat, a duckling, a goat, a rabbit, a cow.
Ms María.

18 Mar 2013

Alphabet Exercises

let's play! Mime:
- Act like a cat
- Bend at the knees
- Chair pose
- Dance
- Elephant steps
F – Fly like a bird
- Gallop
H – Hugs
- Itsy bitsy steps
J – Jump
K – Kick
L – Leg lifts
M – March
N – Noisy steps
O – Open and shut arms
P – Pop up
Q -Quiet hops
R – Runs
S -Side steps
T – Turns
U – Under momma’s legs
V – Vacuum
W – Wiggles
X – “X” jumping jacks
Y – Yoga (downward dog)
Z – Zig zag steps
Go from letter to letter and had fun with it!
Ms María.

17 Mar 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Good morning!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Printable puzzle!. Cut out the puzzle pieces, mix up and assemble them.

Have fun!

Ms. María  

11 Mar 2013

Magical creatures

Do you dream about magical creatures and believe they are real?
  1. Yes, I really dream about ___________________________.
  2. No but they interest me.
  3. No, I don't like them.
Ms María.


Good afternoon and happy week!
It is Monday and we are going to study different animals. 
We need animals pictures! 
Take a look and choose some of them.
Now, creature a magical creature! Remember the magical creatures from the book "Dragons, dragons" by Eric Carle.
Don't forget to send me them!
Ms María.

10 Mar 2013

Blog Competition!

Lola Channel is preparing a new programme. Lola and me are giving away one set of  4 books!
Participate in our first blog competition: Click here!
Good luck!Lola & Ms María

8 Mar 2013

Gadget Kid!

Relax watching this funny video! It's Mr Bean Show time!:
"Gadget Kid"
Have fun!
Ms María.

Farm animal wheel!

Hello 1st grade children,
Let's make a wheel of farm animal and let's play!:
  1. Print
  2. Cut out.
  3. Hold in with a butterfly clip.
  4. Move the upper circle (piece 1) and say what you can see. For example: I can see a horse.
Play with your friends and family!
Ms María.

7 Mar 2013

A story sequence

It´s time for Eric Carle.
Let´s read and watch his book:
Excellent! Do you like it?
Print this worksheet and complete the story sequence.
Ms María.

How to draw a bird

Luke Pearson is an artist. He is very very good at drawing things. Learn to draw a bird with his help:

Ms María.

6 Mar 2013

Magical creatures!

Good afternoon,

A magical creature is an animal or human with power for doing impossible things.
Let's explore features of some magical creatures from "Dragons, Dragons":
 A dragon is a giant reptile. They live in rivers, caves or mountains. They can fly, breath fire or be good-bad.

 The Rainbow Crow is the value of selflessness and service.
The Kracken is a sea monster. It is a giant octopus and it eats ships.
The unicorn is a white horse with a long horn. Its horn has the power to render posioned water in potable and to heal sickness.
Can you create your own magical creature?
Illustrated by Eric Carle.
Ms María.