25 Apr 2013

It's raining, it's pouring

today is a cloudy day and it's raining. One of my favourite songs is this:
Do you like it?
Here you have some umbrellas without drops. Can you complete them?
Print here and don't forget to send me it!
Well done!
Ms María.

24 Apr 2013

1 more or 1 less?

Each piece of candy has a number on it,  find numbers up to 20:
Ms María.

23 Apr 2013

Potato animals!

Imagine a potato.Now, imagine that your potato is an animal. What kind of animal is your potato?:
by Laila
by Leslye
by Diana
by Mayssa
by Hasnain
by Muhammad
by Susana
by Juan
by Maruan
by Ragvir
by Zaira
by Doaa
by Naiara
by Zeelou
by Chen Jing W
by Carol
Great work!
But imagine that you have these two spray bottles:
What can they be?
Ms María.

22 Apr 2013

Alphabet animals

Print, colour and write!
Ms María.

Peter hammers with 1 hammer!

Let's sing and act out this counting song!:
Do you like it?
Please, print and complete this worksheet.
Send me your own version.
These are your pictures:
by Noelia
by Melissa
by Cristian
by Ilias
Ms. María

19 Apr 2013