16 May 2013

The Emperor Broccoli's New Clothes!

Good morning,
our story "The Emperor Broccoli's New Clothes" is being cooked!. Here you have:
 Little Broccoli
 Minister Broccoli
Emperor Broccoli
 Mother Broccoli
 Weaver Broccoli 1
Weaver Broccoli 2
Ms María.

15 May 2013

We eat a rainbow of colours!

We need energy, so we eat vegetables, fruits and a few of sugar!
These are our yummy characters:
Great designs!
Oh! Look this picture!:
A funny watermelon and a ........ What is the name of Super María fruit?
Ms María.

13 May 2013

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"

Good morning,
Apples are the fruit of apple trees and apples are one of the most widely grown tree fruit!
The apple tree originated in Central Asia and these are our apple trees:

Apple trees typically blossom in spring. Look our apples:

 "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"
Eat an apple: Green, yellow or red, choose very well!
Ms María.

9 May 2013

Monster bookmark

Good morning,
Let's make our monster bookmark. Just fold the corner like this:
 5. 6.
 Then, using construction paper you will need to make eyes, a nose, teeth and some ears… Glue everything into place using your glue stick
That’s it!:
WOW! Monsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
Well done!
Ms María.