31 Oct 2013

30 Oct 2013

Cold and Hot

Good evening,
Let's identificate two adjectives:
COLD moon
HOT sun
Check your level:
Ms. María

29 Oct 2013

Storytelling time!

Good morning,
Let's read and watch a story.It is about firefighter, her name is Fran:
She works as firefight. Can tell me her clothes?. Click!:
Play and watch this storytelling. Click!:
Ms. María

28 Oct 2013

Gaston is our favourite ladybird

Good morning!
Gaston is a ladybird. It is red and black, can you colour Gaston in a different way? Click!:
Ms. María

24 Oct 2013

Dot to dot Halloween game!

Count with this game:
What is it?:
  • A CAT.
  • A BAT.
  • A GHOST.
Ok! So now, please, relax and smash some pumpkins!!!!:
Ms. María

23 Oct 2013

Making a house

Peppa and George are making a new house!!! Help them!. Click:
Very nice!
Ms. María

Star Game

Good evening,
Let's play a game!  Collect the stars.
How to play: 
Now, play and collect the stars. Click!
Do you like it?
Ms. María

22 Oct 2013

Bats and ghosts.

This is a bat:Halloween bat!
This is a ghost: A Halloween ghost!
Colour these ghosts yellow and these bats black:

How many ghosts can you count? I can count ........... ghosts. 
How many bats? I can count ........... bats.
Ms. María

21 Oct 2013

A Haunted House

Good morning!
This is our Haunted House 

Spot the 10 differences! Can you do it?:

  • Yes, I can!
  • Yes with help!

(Solution) <- Don't copy! 
Ms. María

17 Oct 2013

Counting orange rectangles

How many rectangles are there?
How many orange rectangles are there?
Ms. María
How many rectangles are there?
How many rectangles are there?

16 Oct 2013

Ben and Holly's memory game!

Good evening!
I like "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom". Do you want to play a memory game with Ben & Holly? Click!:
Ms. María

15 Oct 2013

School objects!

print and complete:
Feel free to bring it at class!!
Ms. María

14 Oct 2013

Animal count

Good morning,
How many of each animal can you see? Record the correct number in each box:
Ms. María  

9 Oct 2013


Good morning!
The giraffes are African animals: 
They love Acacia leaves:
The giraffes have a very long neck: 
Their skin is orange and ivory:
Check your level!:
Let's watch this funny story:

Do you like it?
Can you dance cha-cha?
Can you dance Scottish reel?
Can you dance rock & roll?
Create your giraffe! 
Ms. María

8 Oct 2013

Giraffes can't dance!

G is for giraffe
Let's watch this funny story. Play:

1. Can you dance cha-cha?
2. Can you dance Scottish reel?
3. Can you dance rock & roll?
Check your level:
Our Gerald:
 Ms. María