29 Nov 2013

A memory game

Good Friday!
Let's play a memory game. Click!
Ms. María

27 Nov 2013


Hi Wednesday!
There are a lot of toys for playing in my toy box:
I can see:
an Ariel Dolla scooter 
a camping Set a puzzle 
Lego blocks a camera 
 Give one toy to someone! Say: I want a _________ for _____________.
For example: I want a rocket for Lola!
Ms. María

Tick or cross body game!

Let's play an on-line game: Tick or cross? Click!
Ms. María

26 Nov 2013

Matching body parts!

Hello Tuesday!

Write the letter and match. There is one extra picture:
Ms. María

25 Nov 2013

The ‘s’

Good Monday morning!
Some words with S:
pencil sharpenerstar

Circle the ‘s’ words:
Ms. María

22 Nov 2013

Dark and light colours

Let's identify dark and light colours with a new video!:

Thanks Lola's Lessons!
Check your level!:
  • Number 1 is _______________
  • Number 2 is _______________
  • Number 3 is _______________
  • Number 4 is _______________
  • Number 5 is _______________
  • Number 6 is _______________

Don't forget to add your comment!
Ms. María

20 Nov 2013

Matching colours

Let's match some colours!:
Activity 1
Activity 2

Don't forget to add your comments!
Ms. María

18 Nov 2013

Light and dark colours

there are LIGHT colours, for example:
 Light blue
 Light brown
 Light green
and DARK colours, for example:
Dark blue
Dark green
 Dark brown
Complete these crayons:
Don't forget to send me it!
Ms. María