31 Jan 2014

Prepositions: In, On, Under, Next to

Good evening,
Watch as Mr. Cannon demonstrates prepositions to his class:
 Check your level! Add to the picture:
  • One blue pencil on the table.
  • Two orange dolls under the sofa.
  • Three pink trains in the windows.
  • Four purple rubbers next to the table.

Send me your photos demostrating prepositions!
Ms. María

30 Jan 2014

29 Jan 2014

Number 10

Hi, hi,
Colour and count penguins with the number 10:
Ms. María

28 Jan 2014

Up and Down

Good afternoon,
 Let's read this book:
Print, colour it and have fun!
Ms. María

27 Jan 2014

Tracing vowels

Good morning all!
How are you?
Let's trace some vowels. Slowly and step by step:
Lower case letters: 
Capital letters: 
Don't forget to colour!
Ms. María

21 Jan 2014

Be an alphabet master!

Good afternoon,
Connect letters A to Z and prove that you're an alphabet master!:
Ms. María

16 Jan 2014

Counting from One to Ten

It's time for counting, writing, drawing and coloring the numbers one to ten:
Ms. María

13 Jan 2014

10 Jan 2014

9 Jan 2014